Travel and Hospitality: Using Consumer Insights to Keep Up with the Wellness and ‘Experience’ Trend

Posted:  January 1, 2018

American consumers continue to move beyond just booking accommodations to reserving entire Airbnb ‘experiences.’ Major online booking sites like TripAdvisor,, and Expedia have long begun expanding into tours, excursions, and alternative lodgings to meet consumer demand. Hotel giant Hyatt Hotels Corporation expanded its offerings acquiring wellness hospitality brands like Miraval Group and Exhale Spa, in addition to Oasis Collections for alternative accommodations. It’s no secret the wellness and experience trend has taken the hospitality industry by storm and it shows no signs of slowing down – But does your business have the tools to compete?

Activities Planned for Jan 2018 - Denver Metro Area residents

In a recent study conducted by the TELL Panel, over 50 percent of panelists in the Denver Metro area said they are making travel plans this January. What’s more, almost half of them will book flights or accommodations this month, and a third will book activities and tours for their trips. Do you know who these consumers are? Is your product or service truly meeting their needs and expectations? Insights Lab’s expertise in data analytics and consumer research equips your business with these and more key insights to inform strategic decisions that drive effective results. In the era of big data and machine-learning, the most profitable companies leverage consumer insights to know exactly what their consumers want before they ask for it. Let’s work together.

By Connie Jimenez, Consumer Insights Associate
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