Tell Panel

Our proprietary TELL Panel allows us to zero in on local markets to give clients unique insights directly from their target consumers.

About the TELL Panel

The first TELL Panel was established in Colorado, where we set-out to provide local clients with quick and affordable access to the consumers who mattered most. Our TELL Panel now consists more than 10,000 consumers. This panel allows both local and national businesses to hear their customers’ perspective in new ways.

Insights Lab is currently expanding our TELL Panel services to markets across the country.

Benefits of the TELL Panel Include:

  • Conduct surveys and online discussions with local consumers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Get in-depth attitudinal insights into your digital audience segments.
  • Reach respondents quickly and efficiently.
  • Gain feedback on your brand, product, creative, or customer/user experience.
  • Hear from consumers across demographics, from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

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Do you want to be the voice for your local businesses and causes? You can join the panel in your area.

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