Window Replacement


A window replacement business began seeing changes in market dynamics and experiencing underperformance from its print advertising efforts.

The business brought Insight Lab in to help improve awareness, consideration, messaging, creative and media effectiveness.


Exploratory Focus Groups

Utilized to test creative and determine key buying factors and competitive differences.

Online Bulletin Boards

To define the consumer path to purchase and barriers to window replacement.


Used to quantify key buying factors, competitive differentiation and path to purchase.


Fresh look at path to purchase shook up normal strategies. Higher emphasis on digital generating new revenue, while retaining print of approximately $25k a month.

Overhauled message, tone and creative in all advertising including print, TV, radio and online.

“We used the learnings on new creative for TV, radio, and newspaper.  We are also running new digital advertising. Your services were invaluable”  – Kathy, Principal Advertising Agency

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