Home Goods and Furniture


A home goods and furniture company with stores in the western part of the U.S. has had a brand presence for more than 50 years but was uncertain in the current market with online retailers getting larger portions of market share and millennial consumers approaching buying decisions in unique ways.

This company hired Insights Lab to help understand the changing landscape and its brand perceptions in the current market in order to take a more strategic approach.


Data Analytics and Customer Segmentation

Utilized to understand the local market.

Online and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Used online surveys to understand awareness, usage and brand perceptions. Also utilized online surveys for validation and consumer satisfaction.

Exploratory Focus Groups

To understand buying decisions of millennials.

Shop-Along Interviews

Conducted with millennials to understand buying practices and decisions.


Pin pointed profitable customer groups and conducted look-a-like analysis to grow customer base.

Identified lingering brand perception issues from the business’ long standing presence in the market with actionable recommendations on how to improve its reputation.

Identified positioning and messaging opportunities to engage the millennial shopper.

Initiated customer satisfaction program to create a baseline and comparisons through time.

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