Hearing Aids


After minimal development of its marketing strategy over the last 20 years, this client faced several challenges including outdated assumptions about the consumer mindset and journey as well as a lack of data to support a culture of innovation and growth.

Insights Lab was engaged to explore the customer journey, understand online behaviors, optimize online strategies and pin point areas where marketing strategy would provide higher returns.


Exploratory Focus Groups

Utilized to understand target customer, and explore their journey including online behaviors.


Used to quantify target segments, path to purchase, online behavior, and customer experience


Fresh look at media habits shook up out-of-date strategies.

New list of online search terms.

Shocking statistics about awareness drove focus on different areas of the marketing funnel.

Refined positioning as a go to leader for hearing aid education and aid selection.

Rerouting messaging to previously ignored segment of decision makers.

“I would highly recommend working with the Insights Lab. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional and smart. I could not ask for anything more” – Tyler, Marketing Director

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