Charter School Assessment


In 2015, a nonprofit membership organization that supports its state’s charter schools conducted an opinion poll with 550 registered local voters to understand awareness and opinions of charter schools. The results of the study were used to inform campaign and education initiatives in the state.

This organization recently worked with Insights Lab to replicate the study, understanding how views and perceptions have shifted or stayed consistent.


Online Survey

Ten-minute online survey with 550 registered local voters.

Skype Interview

Conducted 10, 1-hour Skype interviews with local voters.


Delivered year-over-year report identifying top findings and how to activate the results.

Identified messaging and positioning opportunities to guide campaign strategy in 2018.

Used results to garner financial support for a public awareness campaign.

Initiated follow-up request for pre, post and ongoing campaign analysis in 2018.

“Working with the Insights Lab team is a dream. They are knowledgeable insights strategists who are willing to work with clients to achieve their research goals. I highly recommend the team.” – Maggie, Principal at Marketing Agency

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