Are Cannabis Products Giftable?

Posted:  January 1, 2019

Utilizing the Tell consumer panel Insights Lab surveyed consumers across California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington to understand the demand of legal cannabis as a holiday gift. Based on the research, leading up to holiday gift giving nearly 30% of respondents had either purchased a cannabis product or were considering it as a gift. Edibles at 60% led the pack of products gifted, followed by flower (38%) and Vape Pens/Vaporizers (32%).

Sixty percent of respondents who did not buy a legal cannabis product generally didn’t use themselves or didn’t know anyone who did. In addition, “too personal” was cited often as key reason for not purchasing as a gift.

About Insights Lab: We focus on delivering world class customer analytics and consumer insights for various consumer facing categories such as retail, home services, eCommerce, and cannabis. The Tell Panel is a proprietary panel community geared toward understanding various consumer trends, attitudes, and behaviors. To learn more about our services or to access our panel please contact us.

By David Lerchbacher, Principal and Founder
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