Brand, creative, public relations and digital marketing agencies regularly partner with Insights Lab. We often serve as their research and analytics arm, supporting the agency and their clients’ research needs.


Many of our agency partners find value in our focus on local communities and access to consumers within those communities through our proprietary TELL Panel. For example, in Colorado we have access to more than 10,000 local consumers. This panel allows both local and national clients to hear Coloradans’ perspective in new ways.

We partner with agencies to determine the goals and desired outcomes of each research project. We understand the nuances of agency work and are able to adjust our role depending on the agency, client and project. Based on the project, goals and budget, we develop a custom, tailored approach to complement the agency’s work, reach the desired outcomes and drive results.

Our products & services support:

  • Presale
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Campaign Measurement and Monitoring
  • Media Efficacy

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