About Us

Insights Lab is a privately owned, independently operated company. Originally born out of the Denver Post, Insights Lab has always believed in the power and influence of the local community.

Investing in local communities is in our DNA. In everything we do, we keep the needs of local businesses, organizations, causes and consumers at the forefront.

Where We Come From

Starting in Colorado, we set out to provide local clients with quick and affordable access to the consumers who mattered most – Coloradans. We built the proprietary TELL Panel of more than 10,000 Colorado consumers. This panel allowed both local and national businesses to hear Coloradans’ perspective in new ways.

That was just the beginning.

Where We’re Going

Since establishing our presence in Colorado, we’ve expanded our services to markets across the country, including California, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and more. In each new market we serve, we build local research panels that provide businesses, organizations and causes of all sizes with affordable access to consumers and their insights.

It is important to know that our local focus doesn’t limit our reach or capabilities. We provide data and insights for clients of all sizes and across industries, accessing consumers locally, regionally and nationally.

What We Believe

More data about consumers and their behaviors exist than ever before. Yet, tapping into this potential has often been reserved for Fortune 500 companies with large budgets and research teams.

Not anymore.

At Insights Lab, we believe businesses, organizations and causes of all sizes should be empowered to turn data into a working asset. We leverage data to provide our clients with research and analytics services that are flexible enough to target consumers at a local, regional, national or international level.

Who We Help

Insights Lab serves businesses, organizations and causes of all sizes. We also work with creative, marketing and public relations agencies to supplement their service offerings and support their clients’ research needs.

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