At Insights Lab, we don't just analyze data, we personify it, answering both the what and why - helping you win more customers at a higher life-time value.

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We Make Data Work For You

Consumer and behavioral data is everywhere. It’s what you do with it that counts. We help our clients activate its potential to reap unparalleled success and growth.

The Value of Data

When you invest in data and learn how to use it – it can transform your organization. Insights Lab offers precise viewpoints of information often hidden in large volumes of data – big data and organization’s databases. We help unlock the potential within your organization to turn your data into a return on investment.

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Connect with Consumers

While big data can tell you the what it can’t tell you the “why”. Insights Lab works to uncover the “why” behind the numbers. We conduct research, through our proprietary panel of consumers, to help you make decisions with a complete view of your customer’s purchase behavior, perspectives and needs in mind.

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We're on a mission to bring smart, cost-effective data science and research services that make a difference.

Our Services Help You...

Drive competitive advantages to increase market share

  • Awareness, Usage and Perceptions
  • Journey Mapping
  • Key Buying Factors
  • Market / Consumer Segmentation

Increase repeat business and win new customers

  • Customer Intelligence and Identity Management
  • Customer Life Time Value, Segmenting and Scoring
  • Look-alike and Predictive Audiences
  • Customer Experience Management

Improve advertising return on investment (ROI)

  • Path to Purchase
  • Multi Touch Attribution
  • Media, Message and Creative Testing
  • Trade Area Optimization
How We Can Help

Data Insights Matter

The Impact

Insights Lab helps clients throughout the country. No matter the size, scope or industry – we have you covered. Check out our featured industry specific case studies.

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As We See It

With more than 70 years of experience in data science, brand strategy and market research, the Insights Lab team interprets data and analyzes and identifies consumer insights. Through this blog, we'll share our insights with you.

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How Can We Help?

We can help your business use data and insights to accelerate growth.

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